Gentoo OpenRC by surprise and other lessons of the day.

Well, this shows you should keep on top of open source, especially with Gentoo.

I did the standard emerge –sync since it has been > 48 days since I last updated my terabyte server.  After this, I ran an emerge -av –update system.  Yes there were 14 files which needed to be recompiled.

Turns out that the latest OpenRC updates delete one’s existing net.ethX sym links.  Needed to recreate these.  I also found out the array style of /etc/conf.d/net file has been changed.  I can see this as a problem for some SliceHost slices I run.  Need to make a note of this change.

I also found out the old afpd init script was still in the default list.  This is the old version since Gentoo is only up to 2.1.5 of netatalk and I am running 2.2-beta4.  Yes, some things I like on the bleeding edge.  I removed this and added netatalk script  I created (and is really better).  Should be good now.

Been working on a CalDav server compile on Gentoo.  I should have full instructions by the end of the week.