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NetSuite enhancement

If you are looking for a standard NetSuite consulting firm, where you hire someone to act like an employee and trade their time for your money, there are companies big and small. Because they are not different, they are not ODD.

We don’t sell time for money.
We sell ideas implemented.

We seek to understand your process, understand the need, and then sell you a supported solution which your company understands.

NetSuite is a powerful tool, and there is more than one solution for any given question, but the correct solution fits your process. So that is where we start. Here is what a typical enhancement looks like:

  1. Fill out the form, and include your process documentation. If we have worked on this before, you can reference our copy of the documentation.
  2. We will schedule a conference call with you to review your request.
  3. Understand your process documentation and make sure it is current and accurate.
  4. Understand your problem/opportunity.
  5. Propose a modification to the process.
  6. A detailed quote will be provided after the conference call, outline the charge for the enhancement.
  7. When you accept the quote, we will finish the enhancements. Any changes to the quote will be made through additional quotes.
  8. Each quote will have a downpayment, and final payment. Typically, this is 50/50, but on larger projects, this may vary.
  9. Once the enhancement has been finished and the downpayment has been received, we will install this in your NetSuite account
  10. Once the installation is finished, we will train you on the enhancement
  11. Because you will be happy, you will pay the balance of the enhancement after training

If the process isn’t documented, we can provide that Process documentation, or you can provide it to us. Either way, this is a requirement. Why? Because if you don’t understand how you want something to happen, you will not understand what happens or why. It creates confusion. Solutions cannot be created in confusion.

We may start the enhancement without your payment. This will occur because we may decide to market the enhancement to all NetSuite customers. If this occurs, you may (or may not) end up with a refund of some of your costs. We don’t want to charge you any more than we charge others. Details of this are on a case by case basis, and solely at the discretion of ODD LLC. This refund is ONLY based on the actual sales of the enhancement. Think of this more like a gift than a right.

As a customer, you also have the ability to ask us to not share this enhancement. If so, understand we are creating a custom software for your company. In these cases, we will promise to not market the enhancement and you may not get the refund. However, while we may not market it, if another customer comes with the same enhancement, we will not limit ourselves from helping this customer.

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