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MailChimp – NetSuite integration – Monthly Subscription (1 month)


The best integration between MailChimp and NetSuite yet. API support for your applications.

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Product Description

  • Full MailChimp import into NetSuite. We don’t replace MailChimp’s interface, but we support every bit of data they generate in NetSuite.
  • MailChimp is a full extension inside NetSuite, not just a few fields.
    Full Entity mapping into NetSuite
  • Support for unlimited MailChimp lists which are optionally tied to NetSuite Groups or Searches.
  • Entity level support. Customers, Prospects, Leads, Employees, Vendors, Contacts, Companies, etc.
  • MailChimp API: Full Campaign, Ecomm, List, Conversations and Report API support for creating custom Suitescripts. Very similar to MailChimp’s API, so you can use solutions others have shared by making minimal changes.
  • Automated Real-time Integration with WebHooks from MailChimp to NetSuite. Create a List in MailChimp, and NetSuite will generate the WebHooks automatically for real-time integration.
  • Opt-outs, clicks, and subscription changes are handled real-time in NetSuite.
    100% NetSuite code – No 3rd party servers needed.
  • 100% NetSuite data – Keep your data from old MailChimp accounts
  • Enhanced customizations available upon request.
  • Two-way data sync. Data changed in NetSuite will move to MailChimp. Subscription and email changes in MailChimp will be moved back into NetSuite.
  • Entity Creation – If the email doesn’t exist in NetSuite, an entity record will be generated based on the MailChimp Subscription List.
  • Upgrade support – We will make sure that NetSuite or MailChimp upgrades do not impact your service.
  • Independent of NetSuite Marketing campaigns allowing you to run both side by side.
  • US Based support
  • Automated Error reporting: Nobody codes perfectly, but if a bug causes problems, we will be notified in real-time. You will have a fix sooner.
  • Managed Bundle: While we provide API access to the code, the bundle itself is managed. So you will see updates as soon as something is fixed.


  • Import of Ecommerce orders from other systems through MailChimp into NetSuite.
  • Ecommerce “plugin” for SiteBuilder or Suite Commerce Advanced to see your ecommerce orders in MailChimp, but also see them in NetSuite.
  • List Creation in NetSuite.
  • Full API including support for Images, Templates, and Folders in the File cabinet.
    Workflow integration
  • Dashboard, KPI and stock custom reports and saved searches
  • Update Now Button


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