Evaluation of Software

In the purchase of new software one of the key issues that companies face ensuring the money they are going to spend will work for them.  Many companies find a software package they would like, purchase the software, and wonder why installation/adoption of the software does not go well.

Taking the time up front to evaluate software and understand the impacts upon the organization is a critical piece of the puzzle. Before purchasing the software, one can save time, money and headaches by understanding processes of the organization.

Change is about travel.  You are going from where you are to some place new.  Understanding your destination, your goals for the travel and your path help to form the basis of the voyage.  The purchase of software is not a destination but a vehicle for the change.

You would not purchase a jet airplane to take you 30 miles to work each day.  Nor would you buy a Toyota Prius to travel 1000 miles to work each day.  Neither makes sense based on the voyage that is needed.

Buying software without the understanding of the process changes within the organization limits your ability to use the vehicle properly.  The problem occurs because most software companies want to sell you the vehicle and HOPE you know how to drive it after their limited training programs.

Sure you could hire one of the big consulting firms to work with your company into fitting the round peg into a square hole, but I have a better idea.

Why not get someone into your company, who understands the best practices of the industry.  Someone who can help you get the processes documented and business alligned.  Someone who can help lay out the path to a successful voyage.

Software Migration can mean huge profit potential for some companies but only if you know your path, know your vehicle and making sure it has that bike rack for the last leg of the trip.

Spending 10% of the cost of your software on some pre-process review could save you time and money in the long run.

If you are interested in doing process reviews, software evaluations or implementations, contact me.  We would love to help you be profitable.