Team Notifications

A question I get asked now and then goes something like this:

"I have a team that needs to review X (say Sales Orders). How do I notify everyone on the team and allow them to interact with that notification?"

The old-school answer was SuiteSocial with Yammer integration, which created a chat mechanism on any Record event. While a few accounts still have this installed, however, it's not something I've noticed in recent NetSuite price sheets.

One valid solution is to create a script that interfaces with the [insert trendy chat app] API. I've been asked to write and maintain these API scripts, but this approach can be costly for the gain. The executive who sponsored the [chat app] integration loved it, but the ROI always made me wonder.

A good answer is to create a saved search using the EMAIL subtab to be notified of changes to the search, then create an email group as the recipient. This has the advantage of managing members via the email group and using email's full features for sharing documents and storing insights.

The best answer is to use the saved search email approach but create a custom email channel in Discord, Slack, or even Element instead of an email group. This creates less management overhead, faster dialog, and better teamwork.

Tying your NetSuite instance into these collaboration tools can improve transaction auditing, customer service, or manufacturing workflows. And the best part is that no code is required. That's the power of NetSuite.

Let us know if you have questions about these approaches or still want to build something like a SuiteSocial that includes these outside links.

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