Oracle NetSuite
#1 Cloud ERP Solutions

NetSuite's immense power lies in its configurability. In the past 12 years, we have found that NetSuite can handle any process through configuration and customization. 

IF your company operates identically to competitors, with no unique processes or market differentiation, then out-of-the-box functionality may suffice. 

Embracing customization is often crucial to stand out. Avoid the "zero scripts" myth; customization unlocks NetSuite's full potential.

We are not a NetSuite Partner.  We cannot and will not sell you NetSuite licenses.  We understand NetSuite better than most partners.  We love NetSuite, but can be honest about it.

Process Architecture

Just as building materials alone don't create a beautiful structure, companies don't naturally develop efficient processes—your competitive edge results from time, planning, and dedication to refinement. Positive change signifies living processes, while static ones stagnate.

Systems aren't processes themselves but can accelerate and streamline them. Systematizing good processes amplifies efficiency and results. However, systematizing a flawed process only compounds issues faster and consistently, harming your business.

Thoughtful system implementation enhances your refined processes, fostering continuous improvement and maintaining your competitive advantage.

Odoo ERP

Odoo is an open-source ERP solution.  While it is not as capable as NetSuite, it has several options which NetSuite does not offer.

1. On-premise - NetSuite is the best SaaS ERP software in the world today, but NetSuite is ONLY SaaS and cannot be operated at your business.

2. Internet optional - Odoo can run on a laptop.

3. SaaS optional - If you want a very capable, enhance-able, flexible and simplistic ERP in a SaaS, Odoo is the most cost effective solution.  Migration between SaaS, Cloud or OnPremise is very possible.

4. Limited flexibility - It is possible to enhance and modify some processes in Odoo, but not to the level of NetSuite.  Your business will need to adapt.

5. Quickbooks/Freshbooks/Otherbooks - These are all great systems, but are MUCH more ridged than Odoo.  If all you need is accounting... get Odoo, you will at least have options for your future, and probably some dollars in your pocket.

If you are on NetSuite today, but don't use all the features, we can help you move.

If you are on Odoo today, only use SaaS and need flexibility and growth in your process, we can help you move to NetSuite.

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