Sample Agreement

(This is a sample agreement.  The actual agreement may vary based on the project and agreements.) 

All consulting is made and entered into between Office Data & Design LLC, a Wisconsin limited liability company ("Consultant"), and the Client.


Consultant shall perform contract services for a Statement of Work (the "Services") agreed by the Client. The Services shall be performed based on purchased hours (“Total Hours”).

Fees and Expenses

    1. Retained Hours. Client shall pay Consultant for a quantity of hours of a specific Type in advance of the Services ("Hours"). The Hours shall be credited against Services rendered.  Hour Types may be Functional, Development, Architecture or other types as needed.
    2. Expenses. Client shall reimburse Consultant for reasonable travel and out-of-pocket expenses incurred in performing the Services as requested.
    3. Overages. Services exceeding the Total Hours shall be billed at $220 per hour. Consultant shall provide monthly statements and notify the Client when the Hours are consumed.
    4. Meeting Fees.  In an effort to make the Services efficient, the Client and Consultant will minimize meeting times and cost by:
      1. Consultant will designate a single Lead Consultant for each meeting unless otherwise specified in the Services.
      2. The Lead Consultant may invite additional Consultant staff for training or support at no additional cost to the Client.
      3. If the Services requires more than one Lead Consultant for a meeting, the Client will be billed for each Lead Consultant's meeting time.
      4. For work performed outside of meetings, the Client will be billed for any additional Lead Consultants assigned to the project, as specified in the Statement of Work (Exhibit A).

Ownership and Licenses

    1. Client Materials. Client shall own all materials, deliverables, and work products resulting from the Services except notified “public” materials.
    2. Consultant Materials. Consultant shall retain ownership of pre-existing materials and methodologies.
    3. Access to Systems: Client shall provide the Consultant with licensed access to software/systems for the duration of the contract at Client's cost.  Client agrees to provide the correct number of licenses for the agreed-upon Consultant’s staff as required by the Services’ systems.

Term and Termination

    1. Term. This Agreement shall remain in effect until the Services are completed unless earlier terminated.
    2. Termination. Either party may terminate for material breach after 30 days' notice/cure period.
    3. Effect of Termination. Upon termination, the Client shall pay for Services rendered and expenses incurred.
    4. Uncredited Hours will be returned by check to the address above within 30 days after the 30-day notice/cure period.  The Consultant will use the lowest cost paid by the Client for Hours type being returned.
    5. The Client may decide to engage in future services based on the findings. Future contracts cover these future services. At the time of future contract execution, this contract shall be considered completed and terminated.


The parties shall maintain confidential information received in strict confidence.

Limitation of Liability


Dispute Resolution

The parties shall first mediate and may then proceed to binding arbitration.


This Agreement contains the full understanding and shall be governed by Wisconsin law.